Research Contents

Smart Home

Our research is about smart home that connects home appliances and sensor by network and gives new added-value services to inhabitants. We pursue a smart house that has a remote-control interface communicating with human or an automatic operation of home appliances judged by house itself.


Smart City

In smart city, essential infrastructures such as electricity and traffic are made more efficient by using IoT or skills of sensor in terms of urban scale. We make various suggestions such as systems of managing or accumulating huge quantities of information which is gotten from smart home and integrated management framework of positional information.


Smart Life

We research about smart life in order to realize various services of supporting daily lives. Our approaches are especially collecting and utilizing Life log. Life log registers human action (Life) as digital data (Log). We conduct research to use applications of lifelog effectively using skills such as SOA and software engineering.



With various ICT, we support elderly people and vulnerable groups to have a better life such as services for people with dementia, observant care services for the elderly and meeting support services for people with hearing disabilities.


Software Engineering

Recently, keywords such as Web2.0 and mashup can be seen often. Software has begun to spread on the network as “services”, so that we can easily use and link to it. We conduct research about Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web service skills that support these services in terms of software engineering.

University・Research Collaboration

Research Institution


  • Information Technology Research and Development Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation

External Funding

  • Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
  • Japan-France Integrated Action Program (SAKURA), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


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