Demonstration Video

In this page, we release demonstration videos of applications developed in our laboratory. Following applications are parts of our research results about HNS

Development and Managing Service of Context-Aware Service Using RuCAS Web Service

Support Services for People with Dementia Using Virtual Agents?

Support Services for People with Dementia Using Virtual Agents (in English)?

Home Appliance Operation by Miku Hatsune Using MMDAgent Part2

Interactive Handsfree Voice Interface Using MMDAgent

English version(youtube)

Application of Multi-Modal Speech Visualization for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Support

Battle Game Using Gesture Cognition of Kinect

Buzz Game or Something with Wii Remote Control


Pose Cognition Game Using Kinect

Experiential Shooting Game

Home Applinces Control By Human Voice

Simplify Home Appliance Operation

Home Appliance Operation with Wii remote control

Energy-Saving Ventilation Service

DVD Theatre Service

Welcome Back and Going Out Service with RFID

Home Applinces Control By DS

Lighting Control in Time to Music

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